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Thread: I can't belive she did hardcore closed seem very unfair to those who obey the rules

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    Default I can't belive she did hardcore closed seem very unfair to those who obey the rules

    I have never posted at this forum but have been a member for a long time and like this place, before posting this I also sent a PM to Salty Longshanks about this which never went through a week ago or was ignored (it was not in my sent pm folder) so I'm trying here.

    When the very popular 300 page thread was again closed I used thanks key understanding it has been closed a few times and some people cannot control themselves or read the rules.

    Having written that why should we get a message that you asked for it, you got it-----thread closed.

    For myself, I never did anything to force the thread to close or asked for anything, neither did most others, but this comes off like the one kid in school getting the entire class punished repeatedly.

    I understand most moderators/administrators this is all volunteer work, time consuming but why not simply ban those doing the chatting or making requests who need their own personal thanks, response, whatever, who refuse to use the PM to ask questions and leave those members doing the right thing posting images/movies/only using the thanks key alone.

    I have no movies or images to contribute to that great thread, but I will be glad to delete anything but updates if you need help as my contribution.

    Thanks for reading.
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