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Thread: (RS) A Blast from the Past

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    Default (RS) A Blast from the Past

    (RS) A Blast from the Past

    Welcome to SpringWorld Boys and Girls! Look what I found! I'm calling this scene A Blast from the Past...although maybe it should be 2 Blasts from the Past! Look at me! I'm barely legal! I still have my braces on! Where oh where did this come from?! But does it really matter? All that matters is my members are seeing it for the first time, and that's fun! I was in the early stages of my Black Cock Training, and part of my practice was to go to a filthy bathroom in a bad neighborhood and take on anaonymous black dick! That's right, I had no idea who they were...all I know is I had about 20 inches of black dick in that stall...all to myself! Hee hee! And boy, was I naughty! I'd like to tell you more, but just watch! It's vintage Spring! Enjoy! I know I sure did!!! XOXO – Spring
    142 MB 19 m 44 s WMV 640 X 480

    Sicilia, tutto il resto é in ombra.

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