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Jack Tripper
Last Activity:
Oct 20, 2018 at 2:16 PM
Jan 2, 2009
Likes Received:
July 1

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Jack Tripper

I don't know.

Staff Member ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Jack Tripper was last seen:
Viewing forum Celebrity Extra, Oct 20, 2018 at 2:16 PM
    1. J3scribe
      I know! :lol:

      But I'm back. :)
    2. J3scribe
      Chat with me in ADD. I need diversion. :)
    3. Cold As Ice
      Cold As Ice
      Thanks Jack, i'm the first to get 6 winns
    4. yayboobies
      lol @ joesafeen. :lol:
    5. yayboobies
      But my post isn't the last?
    6. joesafeen
      dont you love me no more?
    7. spiderswims
      I'm creating a new account. FRIEND ME!
    8. spiderswims
      I didn't enter it yet
    9. spiderswims
      Facebook won't let me log in with out giving them my phone number and then they call me, I think. It's almost 6AM and people are sleeping so fuck that.

      PS. that was in case you posted something for me there.
    10. yayboobies
      I see Joesafeen is at it again. :lol:
    11. joesafeen
      I guess one night while he was minding his own bissness behind Willy T's BBQ Shack and Pool hall bar and grill, this guy got shot right infront of G-moss, and the cops tought he did it just couse the guy that shot him threw the gun in G-mosses car and then told the cops they saw G-Moss do it. so he's in prison, but he is gonna get out in about a year or so and then were gonna be together, He is my one true love. He can fix cars, so he gonna fix cars and makes lots of money and then i can move out of my parents place. Im 26 how old are you?
    12. joesafeen
      i dont know what the hell most of that says. i know that New York has a lot of people in it. What are Pantaloons are they like period panties, i dont wear Painties, :wink:. Oh yes i was in love, when i was young there was this boy named G-moss, that wasnt his real name, i dont know his real name, but thats what we called him, anyway, we went out a few times to the piggly wiggly and we would steal some gum and cigarettes and go into the woods and smoke. I let him fuck me a few times and i used to suck him when he would sneak into my room at night. I really liked him. But then the fucking Sharrif came and arrested him for stuff he didnt do.
    13. joesafeen
      you never told me about you and the German chick, is she nice. my older brother loves germany, his name is bubba K. he says the K stands for Kill but it really just stands for keven, thats his real name and he shaves his head and has a tatoo on the back that looks like a propeller. he says he loves that germin guy hile hitler. i dont know nothing about him cuse i dont go to skool no more. not sense the dog bit the bus diver, she dont even stop here anymore. mama says shes a bitch. mama brawt a new guy home last night. the fucked like for an hour, she made all her usal noises, even the one were she says, oh god im cumin. i dont know were she is goin, but she went there agian. tell me about england
    14. brothergrims
      ok im bored of being josafeen. you were doing real good at chatting however, i was not.
    15. joesafeen
      I guess its nice. ive never lived anyplace else to compare it to. Let me look out the window and ill describe what i see, then you can decide what its like compared to england. Ive always wanted to go to England. Ill bet its really nice there. Ok, so i see....
      My dads old car is under the tree where the guy that came to pick up my mom that time got shot. The chickens are out again and blue is chasing one of them. Blue caught it. Blue is eating it. Its gone. Blue is my little brother. There is a tire swing hanging that i used to swing in until my brother Blue made it on fire, now its just a bunch of wires hanging and it hurts to sit in. My mom says that she is going to take us to the city and live when she gets her money, its from when she used to work and hurt her thumb. Now she cant work cause of it. Are you fucking the German friend? Do you like things in your butt?
    16. joesafeen
      im from a place called Mississippi, the name of my town is Mudvain, I live here with my Mom and Dad
      Moms kinda not very well, she drinks a bit. Dad comes home sometimes when he remembers
      do you live with anybody?
    17. joesafeen
      where do you live? are you from england or something?
    18. joesafeen
      hi. i was just reading and saw you needed a normal girl to talk to. well to practice talking to.
      so i thought i would register and say HI.
    19. TheOne
      Thanks, one more thing to check off the list :D
    20. yayboobies
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    July 1
    Reading, TV, music and of course the Internet.