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INFO ATTENTION FORUM POSTERS: Posting Guide for the Sexy Video sections

Discussion in 'Sexy Videos (Pro)' started by TheloniousMonk, Oct 29, 2017.

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  1. TheloniousMonk

    TheloniousMonk Warningmonger Staff Member

    Oct 18, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Posting Guide, Thread Titles & Video Clip Identification

    This thread is designed to clear up the ongoing issues with identification of posted content and streamline or standardize more of the process. It will certainly be overly detailed, but will provide insight on each part of the post and be a reference for questions that may come up later.

    This is not intended as a replacement for our Rules posts. Please be sure to check in on these from time to time for updates, and if you are a new poster review them before posting.

    For general conduct and prohibited content information check the Phun House Rules forum

    For the rules specific for the Sexy Videos forums see here and HD section

    Information on Video File Hosts and permitted Photo hosting sites is also detailed for you.

    This will follow the same number system as the rules for easy cross referencing. Some sections may be skipped which will cause gaps in the numbers/letters.

    1. Identifying where your clip should go.

    Videos less than 720p (height) should be posted in the Sexy Video (Pro) forum while videos 720p and larger should go in the Sexy Video (Pro) - HD Section.
    Once you have determined the correct name of your clip and the section it belongs in, do a search in that section by selecting that forum in the 'search forum' section.
    If you do not find this scene create a new thread.
    If you find an active thread for your scene, add a new post to that thread without violating the repost rules. See section 7 for repost discussion.
    If you find old threads that all have dead mandatory links, create a new thread and report the old thread in Forum Issues
    Posters of older content may find many old threads of the same scene. Check the ones that use the same mandatory host that you plan to use to make sure you are not reposting live links.

    2. Thread Titles

    a. accuracy & completeness

    There are 5 required parts of a thread title.
    Prefix Buttons, Host tags, Performer Name(s), Scene Identification, Source.

    - Choose the appropriate Prefix from the drop down list in the thread title area. They allow members an additional way to locate your post by genre. Prefix use is optional at this time, but I am making one requirement. If you post step-relation role play scenes use the "Role Play" button. More information on Prefixes here.

    - Host tags are an abbreviation for the file host you are using that let the downloader know what to expect. There is a standardized list for the commonly used file hosts here.

    - Identify the women performers in a scene. If there are multiple women performers identify them all. If there are several use 'Group' in the thread title and list them in the body of the post. Rarely sites will not identify the performer, in those cases state that the performer is unknown. If additional women are not participating (sexually) in the scene they do not need to be identified.

    - The scene should be stated exactly as it is named by the source. Descriptive terms and renamed scene titles via Tube sites or distributors are not acceptable substitutes.
    When using the movie name state the scene number. Better yet, use both the movie name and the scene name. If they don't both fit in the title, put one in the body of the post.

    - The source if the content needs to be stated. The source should be the origination of the content, meaning who produced it. This is not where you got the content, but who created it. This will typically be a studio or website. A list of commonly used sources can be found here. I have shortened or simplified many of them. Suggestions are welcome for more umbrella sources to further simplify things.

    If the performer's full name or the source is as part of the movie/scene name then you do not need to repeat it. For instance Private movies are often titled Private Gold or Private Specials, etc. So no need to state Private a second time.

    Other information is allowed in the thread title, so long as there is room for it after the required info is provided. The series that the scene is from is allowed, in fact I encourage it. And of course it can go in the body of the post as well. The release date (for recent content) or the year of production (for retro content) is helpful. Some posters like to include the male performers names too, which is fine.

    An additional comment on series. Some sites/sources do not provide a name for their scenes. Naughty America is known for this, and many Casting themes series do not name the scenes. In these cases include the Performer Name - Series Name (date of release) and Source in the thread title. That way we don't end up with threads titled 'India Summer - Naughty America' seeing as she has done over 60 scenes for Naughty America and how would anyone know which one it is. Some sites/sources use scene names that are a paragraph long (Sexually Broken comes to mind) so in these cases use the release date in the thread title and state the long-ass name in the post body.

    Information that should not be in thread titles:
    Descriptive terms: hot words for search hits or random adjectives about how good this scene is don't belong in the thread title. There are tags and prefix buttons you can use for that.
    Resolution and other info on your shared video. The thread will be for all instances of the scene, so things like 540p and FullHD should be left out.
    Anything that makes the thread title too long and push the required info out of the thread title.

    b. Correct spelling is important
    No l33t speak or any other intentional misspelling will be allowed. This causes search results to miss these threads, which costs you downloads.
    Correct use of spaces and apostrophes is important to search results.
    Correct: My Sister's Hot Friend
    Incorrect: MySistersHotFriend -or- My Sisters Hot Friend

    Alternate spellings: In some cases alternate spellings are useful because it is what people search for. You may use the alternate spellings in the body of the post. CastingCouchX / CastingCouch-X for example.

    d. Do not use ALL CAPS for titles, except for acronyms or abbreviations.
    This includes sources as well.

    3. Body of the Post, Images & Info

    a-e. Screencaps: Screen caps are be used to preview the scene and should therefore be representative of the scene. This includes resolution. Use thumbnails and link to a composite preview at an approved image host. The link to picture should be big enough to view clearly on 1080p and larger monitors. A few single frames linked previews at full resolution in addition to a smaller composite image is also sufficient.

    f. Info about the file(s) you are posting:
    - File Format (type of encoding)
    - File Size (in megabytes, MB)
    - Screen Resolution (width x height)
    - Video Duration (Time in minutes:seconds)

    State this info and other technical info about the clip, such as bitrate. This info must be in text, as opposed to being part of the preview image. Check to make sure your previews haven't been deleted before you post them.

    3. Body of the Post, Filehost Links

    a-e. File Links

    Post direct links to your downloads according to the Filehost rules.
    For each optional file host you use, you must use one mandatory file host.
    Check your links to make sure they haven't been removed for TOS. Posting a live optional file host link with a dead mandatory host link will be considered violation of the filehost rules, good for a 4 point warning. Links that are only available for Premium members are not allowed and will incur warning points as well.

    h. File splitting
    If you split large files be sure to do the same split on all file hosts. Be aware of the limits on free file sizes and do not post links that are only available to premium users. If this requires smaller file splits for one host, then you must do it for all hosts.

    4. Maximum Posts Per Day (per 24 hours)

    a. You are allowed to post a maximum of 20 videos per day (24 hours), whether you post them in one thread (megathread) or as individual threads/posts. Post each video scene as a separate post. Multiple video (scene) posts are not allowed!

    5. Supplementary Hosts: Defined as filehost links added to an existing thread.

    a. The original poster may add Supplementary Hosts to his thread at any time. This rarely happens, but links can be added, or replaced later if they get removed. The original poster gets this priority. The original poster is for new content, that being content that is being posted on phun for the first time. Many of you post older content from years gone by and this won't apply if old, dead posts exist.

    b. 48 hours rule: When there is new content posted any additional links for that clip cannot be posted until 2 full days (48 hours) have gone by. This applies to any and all resolutions across all file hosts, regardless of that the original poster has provided. The original poster has complete exclusivity for that scene, for 48 hours.

    d. adding Supplemental Hosts, upgrades and different options:
    Supplemental download options are allowed to be posted (after 48 hours) so long as they do not copy existing options. If someone has already posted the same scene at 480p on K2S then you can add your 480p clip on any other hosts, so long as you use 1 mandatory host per 1 optional host. Or you can post on K2S if you are posting the same scene but at a significantly different resolution.
    [This is up to mod discretion, but should be fairly obvious. If the original posted clip is 400p wide and you post 420p wide (on the same host) it is going to be removed. Use one of the variety of sizes offered by the site of origin. Poster edited versions will not be allowed.

    e. You still have to follow sections 2 & 3: When posting supplemental download options correctly identify your content and provide previews and info on your specific clip. If you are replying to a post that has incorrect thread title information then state the info at the top of your post and a mod will edit the title.

    6. Megathreads

    No new megathreads are allowed without mod approval. If you have 1500 posts, a good track record of posting in the Video sections and have a specific theme that is not already a megathread then you may message a mod for this section with a request for a megathread and we will discuss it.

    Megathread posters must follow sections 2 & 3 and post the identifying information at the beginning of each new post. Prefix and host tags obviously do not apply.

    7. Reposts - duplicating download options.

    a-b. Search before posting.
    You have to search for your content to determine if and where to post it.
    If you do not find this scene create a new thread.
    If you find an active thread for your scene, add a new post to that thread without violating the filehost repost rules.
    If you find old threads that all have dead mandatory links, create a new thread and report the old thread in Forum Issues
    If the only result you find is that someone has posted this scene in their megathread, you may start a new thread for this scene. You cannot duplicate the download options that the megathread poster has provided, but any other options are available to you. Use different hosts, or resolution.

    c. Trying to trick the mods. Using alternative names, misspellings or in any other way trying to evade a search for the file you are posting in an attempt to violate the 48 hour rule will lead to warning points and potentially a ban. If you aren't first wait the 48 hours.
    Posting in the wrong place: If you start a new thread for a scene when there is already a thread with working mandatory links it will be considered a similar attempt and removed.

    d. Cross-Posting: You may post the same scene in the SD and HD forums, at appropriate resolutions. You cannot otherwise post the the same clip in multiple places in the same forum. If you have a megathread either post it there or post it separately, not both.

    As long as you don't post the same resolution on the same file host, and don't post during the 48 hours when the original poster gets exclusivity, you will not be in violation of the the Repost rule. Other rules still apply, of course.
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2019
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  2. TheloniousMonk

    TheloniousMonk Warningmonger Staff Member

    Oct 18, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Host Tags

    To avoid conflicts with similarly named file hosts we created a list of the most commonly used filehosts and tags that can be used in thread titles.

    K2S = Keep2Share
    DF = Depositfiles
    UL = Uploaded
    ZS = Zippyshare
    M = Mega
    SF = Solidfiles
    TZ = Tezfile
    OL = OpenLoad

    common optional
    FF = FileFactory
    FJ - FileJoker
    UO = UploadOcean
    Mex = Mexashare
    SO = Share-Online
    SU = SupraFiles

    limited or outdated optional
    DT = Datafile
    UP = Uploadable
    BS = Bitshare
    TB = Turbobit
    MF = Mediafire
    US = Upstore
    UT = Upload.to
    FG = Fileget
    F2S = Files2Share

    If you use a host that isn't listed here, use an abbreviation that isn't used above. If you plan to use it regurally send me a message and I will add it to the list.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2019
  3. TheloniousMonk

    TheloniousMonk Warningmonger Staff Member

    Oct 18, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Thread Prefixes:

    Gang Bang
    FMM (female/male/male)
    FFM (female/female/male)


    BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism)
    Role Play (use for posts depicting step-porn, and other role play scenarios)

    LEZ (lesbian)

    POV (point of view)

    DP (double penetration)
    All Sex (oral, anal, vaginal)
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2017
  4. TheloniousMonk

    TheloniousMonk Warningmonger Staff Member

    Oct 18, 2013
    Likes Received:

    Use the common sources in bold below if they are applicable. Do not use the ones listed below that are not in bold, instead use the bold one above it.

    If your source is not listed here state the source for your content. This is not intended as a complete list. Leave out words like Network, Media, Video, Production, etc as they take up room unnecessarily. Do not use distributor sites (re-sellers) as your source as they do not produce the content. More information on that here.

    If you are aware of sources being used that are under the umbrella of other production houses please let me know by private message (conversation) so it can be added to this list.

    21Sextury / AdultTime

    21Naturals / AdultTime
    21 Naturals
    21 Erotic Anal
    21 FootArt

    21Sextreme / AdultTime


    ATK - use for all ATK series

    Bang - use for all their Originals series: https://www.bang.com/originals
    BangGonzo / Bang! Gonzo
    BangCasting / Bang! Casting
    BangRealTeen / Bang! Real Teens
    BangConfessions / Bang! Confessions

    - use 'BangBros' for all their series/websites listed here https://bangbros.com/websites and their subsites:
    CollegeRules / DormInvasion

    BlackedRaw / Blacked Raw

    Brazzers - use 'Brazzers' for all of their series including Exxtra

    CumLouder - use for all their subsites

    DDF - use for all DDFNetwork series and subsites

    Tricky Agent
    Private Casting-X
    She is Nerdy
    Kinky Family
    Spy POV
    X-Sensual / XSensuan
    Massage-X / MassageX
    Trick Your GF
    Young Courtesans
    Brutal X / BrutalX

    Blacks on Blondes
    Blacks on Cougars
    Cuckold Sessions
    Interracial Pickups
    We Fuck Black Girls

    Dorcel - use for all DorcelClub/Mark Dorcel series


    FantasyMassage / AdultTime - use for all the series in their network. https://www.fantasymassage.com/en#
    AllGirlMassage / All Girl Massage
    NuruMassage / Nuru Massage
    TrickySpa , etc

    FTV - use for all their series



    JulesJordan - use for all of their film and web releases, and their sub-site:

    The Upper Floor
    Public Disgrace
    The Training of O

    use for all Lethal Pass series (listed in quote below): https://www.lethalpass.com/sites

    MHBHJ - use abreviation for 'Mark's Head Bobbers and Handjobbers' since it is long for the thread titles.

    MileHigh - use for all Mile High Media series and subsites (Gamma Entertainment)
    Sweetheart Video

    MOFOS - use for all their subsites https://www.mofos.com/tour/sites/

    MyXXXPass / BlowPass
    Immoral Live
    1000 Facials
    Only Teen Blowjobs
    Mommy Blows Best

    NaughtyAmerica - use as source for all their series and their subsite Tonight's Girlfriend.
    State the series and the release date, as they do not name their scenes.


    Nubiles-Porn - all their series and subsites listed here http://nubiles-porn.com/page/series
    Petite Ballerinas Fucked
    Petite HD Porn
    Step-Siblings Caught
    Moms Teach Sex
    Teacher Fucks Teens
    Bad Teen Punished
    BrattySis / Bratty Sis

    PornDoe / LetsDoeIt - use for all their series https://porndoepremium.com/networks
    TheWhiteBoxxx / WhiteBoxxx
    XXX Shades

    use for all of their series (listed in quote below): https://pornpros.com/sites
    also all of the following are PornPros productions sub-sites
    My Very First Time / MyVeryFirstTime
    Nanny Spy / NannySpy
    Pure Mature / PureMature
    Pure Passion / PurePassion
    Spy Fam / SpyFam

    Private Specials, Private Gold, etc

    Score - use for all PornMegaLoad and the Score Group series and subsites
    ScoreHD / Scoreland
    40SomethingMag / 50PlusMILFS

    SexyHub - use for all SexyHub series and subsites https://www.sexyhub.com/tour/sites/
    Dane Jones / OrgasmsXXX
    Lesbea / Girlfriends

    RealityKings - use 'RealityKings' for all of their series including RKPrime & Moms Bang Teens http://www.realitykings.com/tour/sites/
    and also their subsites


    use for all Team Skeet series (listed in quote below): http://www.teamskeet.com/t1/websites/
    and their subsites:
    Teens Love Black Cocks / TeensLoveBlackCocks / TLBC
    Family Strokes / FamilyStrokes
    Sis Loves Me / SisLovesMe
    Daughter Swap / DaughterSwap
    Dad Crush / DadCrush
    Black Valley Girls / BlackValleyGirls

    TeenyLovers - use for all Teeny Lovers series/sites
    Casual Teen Sex
    Sell Your GF
    18 Videoz
    Young Sex Parties
    Teens Analyzed
    Young Libertines
    First Anal Date
    Bang my Teen Ass

    TMW - use for all TeenMegaWorld series and sub-sites - http://teenmegaworld.net/our-sites/
    Fuck Studies
    Teen Sex Movs
    Teen Sex Mania
    Anal Angels

    Twistys - use for all Twistys produced content https://www.twistys.com/tour/sites/

    WTFPass - use for all WTFPass series and sub-sites http://wtfpass.com/sites/
    The Art Porn
    Dolls Porn
    Her Sex Debut
    Meet Suck & Fuck
    College Fuck Parties
    Pickup Fuck
    Public Sex Adventures

    WestCoast - use for all West Coast Productions films and web releases

    Xempire - use for the following Xempire/Gamma Entertianment series/subsites

    ZTOD / Zero Tolerance on demand
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2018
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  5. TheloniousMonk

    TheloniousMonk Warningmonger Staff Member

    Oct 18, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Invalid sources:

    Sites that are based around user uploaded content are not allowed to be stated as the source as they do not produce the content. The file names and even performer names are often unreliable. Some sites create content and have a user uploaded section, which can get complicated. These sites should be used with caution and verified with an outside source such as iafd.com or egafd.com

    Below is a list of known re-sellers / distributors which should not be used as sources.
    From time to time I will be adding updates to this post, so don't be surprised if you get a warning for not staying current.

    PinkoClub (aside from their original content which is minimal, verify it)
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2017
  6. TheloniousMonk

    TheloniousMonk Warningmonger Staff Member

    Oct 18, 2013
    Likes Received:
    If you have questions or suggestions on anything here please post it in the discussion thread for this forum.
    The change here is with sources, so please all read here and use the standardized source if they apply to the content you post.

    There were too many different threads making requirements of the posters so this will serve as the place for updates on what we expect from content posters and how we moderate these sections. Stay up to date when new information is added.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2018
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  7. TheloniousMonk

    TheloniousMonk Warningmonger Staff Member

    Oct 18, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Nov 5, 2017
    - added ZeroTolerance as the umbrella source for all variations of ZTOD
    - added a comment in section 2b about alternative spellings.

    Nov 9, 2017
    - added Xempire as an umbrella source, split from MileHigh

    Nov 11, 2017
    - I change Skeet to TeamSkeet because everyone refused to use the shorter version. Have it your way.
    - add FantasyMassage as the source for their Network of series.

    Nov 19, 2017
    - 21Sextury has been removed as the source for 21members network of sites. Instead use whichever of 21Sextury , 21Naturals , 21Sextreme is appropriate for your content. Sorry for the confusion on this one.

    Dec, 2018
    - AdultTime has been added as a source and the list revised to note the other sources they have enveloped.
    - PornDoe has rebranded themselves as LetsDoeIt so we have added the new name to the source list.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2018
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  8. TheloniousMonk

    TheloniousMonk Warningmonger Staff Member

    Oct 18, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Just an example of the daily time drain.. edit log 11/10

    added performer name
    fixed performer name typo
    added TMW to a FirstBGG title
    changed DorcelClub to Dorcel
    changed MileHighMedia to MileHigh
    changed Devil'sFilms to DevilsFilm
    and edited so many of sonnil's titles that he got his own list.

    second batch
    changed a DDFnetwork to DDF
    changed DorcelClub to Dorcel
    changed 21Security to 21Sextury, twice :rolleyes:
    removed 4 threads that had no source in the thread title

    Thanks to the many of you who have transitioned already. A couple weeks ago this list would have been 3x as long.
    Hopefully the searching before you post has been sped up some by this.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
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  9. TheloniousMonk

    TheloniousMonk Warningmonger Staff Member

    Oct 18, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Jan 7, 2018 update, sources

    - We have expanded the list of sub-sites that fall under PornPros and TeamSkeet sources. Take note if you post these sub-sites and be sure to use the umbrella source in your thread title.
    - I added Lethal Pass and TeenyLovers with their list of series because they were getting posted some recently.
    - the lists for DirtyFlix, 21Sextury, 21Naturals and 21Sextreme were expanded to list out all the series they include.
    - longer lists were put in quotes to keep things from getting too long. They still work in the search and with CTRL-F.

    The main sources I still see used incorrectly are DorcelClub (use Dorcel) and TeenMegaWorld (use: TMW) but for the most part everyone has caught on well. Thanks!
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  10. TheloniousMonk

    TheloniousMonk Warningmonger Staff Member

    Oct 18, 2013
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    Last edited: Jan 16, 2018
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  11. TheloniousMonk

    TheloniousMonk Warningmonger Staff Member

    Oct 18, 2013
    Likes Received:
    With names like Maddy O'Reilly the apostrophe is not optional, it is part of their name. Don't use intentional misspellings like OReilly or Oriley.
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  12. TheloniousMonk

    TheloniousMonk Warningmonger Staff Member

    Oct 18, 2013
    Likes Received:

    not Devil'sFilms, DevilFilms, or Devils


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  13. Umi

    Umi ɷ Dare Devil ɷ Staff Member ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ Power Poster 2018 Top Contributor

    Jun 25, 2012
    Likes Received:
    Recently many sites got merge into 1 big network so please add AdultTime as your main source for site & subsites of these network listed below:

    Main Source AdultTime

    Off-course their subsites also goes under AdultTime
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  14. TheloniousMonk

    TheloniousMonk Warningmonger Staff Member

    Oct 18, 2013
    Likes Received:
    I have added a new entry for AdultTime
    Use this as the source for these subsites. For the sources that were already on the list use *ThatSource* / AdultTime as noted in the sources list above.
  15. TheloniousMonk

    TheloniousMonk Warningmonger Staff Member

    Oct 18, 2013
    Likes Received:
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