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RULES Sexy Videos Forum (Amateur) Rules (Updated June 30, 2015)

Discussion in 'Sexy Videos (Amateur)' started by J3scribe, Mar 31, 2014.

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  1. J3scribe

    J3scribe gone fishin' ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Ten Years of Phun Movers & Shakers

    Apr 24, 2008
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    Sexy Videos Forum (Amateur) Rules

    This forum is for posting adult oriented video clips via download files.

    No new megathreads may be created without prior approval from the Mod Staff!

    Do a SEARCH before posting to avoid reposts.

    1. Thread Title & Content

    a. Thread titles must be as accurate and complete as possible and include the following information:

    - Use an abbreviation (not full name) of your filehost(s) at the beginning of the thread title, eg (UL), [SO], [RY/DF], or [MULTI] for more than two filehost links. Use a space to separate such tags from the rest of the title.
    - Performer name(s) if available. If the performer is transsexual be certain to include a warning in the title.
    - The video title as issued by the studio and/or website of origin, or
    - A video title that is clear and simple
    - The studio/website name itself, if known.​
    b. Correct spelling is important, and do not replace any letters in thread titles with non-alphabetic characters such as numbers or symbols or use any non-English alphabets or accents.

    Proper Title: [UA/UL] Naughty Blonde Webcam Girl Amy Teases and Toys - Episode 90

    Improper Title: Nerd fuck his silicone tit gf​
    c. English language only.

    d. Do not use ALL CAPS for titles, except for acronyms or abbreviations.

    e. The Amateur Videos Forum is for both Standard and High Definition videos

    *When posting HD videos make note of the fact by adding a HD tag to the title*

    2. Body of the Post

    *Images & Info

    a. Screencaps are required. One random pic is not a sufficient representation of the video clip being offered.

    b. Create and post YOUR OWN screencaps. Screencaps pirated from another member will be grounds for having your post trashed/deleted!

    c. Screencaps must be uploaded using a phun-approved imagehost.

    d. Screencaps must be posted as as clickable thumbnails. Hotlinking screencaps/vidcaps is forbidden.

    e. See the "Misc Tools" section below for recommended screencap programs.

    f. FileInfo about the file(s) you are posting is required, including:
    - File Format
    - File Size
    - Screen Resolution
    - Video Duration​
    *Filehost Links

    a. Download links must be posted according to the Filehost rules.

    b. FileInfo must be posted as text in the body of your thread, even if the information is included on your screencap.

    c. Provide direct link(s) to your download links. No link-shorteners, link-protectors, or link-anonymizers (or anything similar).

    d. Provide any password(s) for password-protected files.

    e. Do Not use BB Spoiler code to hide any portion of text or download links in your posts. They will be deleted or trashed and you will be warned or worse!

    f. Preview your post for rules and spelling compliance before submitting it.

    g. Follow the rules regarding the use of FileHosts and ImageHosts - failure to do so will result in your posts/threads being deleted.

    h. File Splitting: See the guidelines for file splitting in the Phun-Approved Imagehosts & Filehosts thread!

    3. Maximum Posts Per Day (per 24 hours)

    a. You are allowed to post a maximum of 15 videos per day (24 hours), whether you post them in one thread (megathread) or as individual threads/posts. Post each video clip as a separate post, which will help maximize your post count and speed you towards the 1500 threshold required for creating megathreads.

    >> Posting more than 15 vid clips will result in excess, or possibly all, posts in the period being trashed/deleted <<

    4. Megathreads

    No new megathreads may be created without prior approval from the Mod Staff!

    In order to qualify, members are not permitted to create a megathread until they have achieved at least their first colour change (i.e. their postcount has passed 1500). All megathreads are subject to specific guidelines given at the time of mod approval.

    4.1 Rules Governing Existing Megathreads

    a. All posts within a megathread must follow the same rules as single post threads.

    b. Megathreads may be "private" (restricted to posts by the thread owner) or "open" (where members are invited to contribute). This should be indicated in the title.

    c. Megathread owners are responsible for the environment within their own megathreads, and should report instances of abuse such as off-theme posts, reposts, or over the limit posts, via the Forum Issues thread.

    d. Megathreads that become a source of trouble of any kind will be closed or trashed!

    5. Banned Content

    ** DO NOT post professional porn in this forum! **

    a. No depictions of rape (even fantasy), bestiality, child pornography, or incest of any kind - immediate ban if you do!

    b. No depictions of the inflicting of pain or of actual bodily harm, or the coercive use of force!

    c. Do not post any content from any of the web-models that are active on this board. For a list of our registered phun models CLICK HERE and scroll down to the models section.

    d. Spycam videos which depict an explicit invasion of privacy in places such as toilets, washrooms, dressing rooms, locker rooms, etc., are forbidden. It's not up to Moderators to determine if such content is genuine or staged.

    e. No illegal or beyond-common-sense content. examples HERE

    f. No link-shorteners, link-protectors, or link-anonymizers (or anything similar).​

    6. General Rules

    a. Commenting on newly posted content is okay but lengthy discussions are discouraged because Sexy Videos is not considered a chat forum. If you wish to get into a raging debate with someone, do it via pm or start a thread in an appropriate forum such as The Lounge. All discussion and chat in this section will be subject to the Phun.org Personal Conduct Guidelines.

    b. No request or "who is this" threads please. There is a Request Thread in the Model Forum for that purpose.

    c. No self-bumping of your own threads is allowed. Do not resurrect (bump) threads that have been inactive for more than 2 weeks, unless you are adding content allowed by another rule.

    d. Do not bump a thread with "Thanks" or anything similar. Use the THANKS button (down at the bottom left hand corner). Do not bump threads with request for "reups." Contact the OP via private message instead.

    e. STREAMING VIDEOS are not allowed.

    f. Help in sorting things out by reporting threads/posts in Forum Issues is appreciated - also helping good-willing new members by providing advice and guidance.

    ** Please also read the forum phun.org General Policy/Information.​

    7. Miscellaneous Tools

    a. Image Mass-Uploading
    IIIUploader for ImageVenue, ImageBam, ImageHaven, ShareNXS, etc.

    b. Image Mass-Downloading
    BulkImageDownloader - http://bulkimagedownloader.com/

    Mourao Image Grabber - MIG

    c. ScreenCaps:
    Media Player Classic: media player classic

    Video Thumbnails Maker ThumbMaker

    Thumbnail Me 3.0: http://www.thumbnailme.com/

    Tutorials about screencapping and image-hosting are HERE and HERE. Also, feel free to ask mods/regulars for help.

    Breaking any of these rules may lead to thread deleting/trashing!
    Persistent violations will lead to a ban!

    Enjoy posting and have phun!


    The phun.org Staff
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2017
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  2. J3scribe

    J3scribe gone fishin' ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Ten Years of Phun Movers & Shakers

    Apr 24, 2008
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    In an effort to maintain consistency regarding the posting of images throughout the forum, hotlinking images in the video section threads is now forbidden. As of today use thumbnails only.
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  3. J3scribe

    J3scribe gone fishin' ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Ten Years of Phun Movers & Shakers

    Apr 24, 2008
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    Forum rules revised and updated for better clarity June 30, 2015.
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